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Equal Rights – Truth and Mythunderstanding

Equal treatment under the law is a foundational precept of the United States provided in the Constitution for all citizens. There has been perpetrated upon the United States a myth about what equal rights means. We have either been deceived or have been teaching a flawed message for decades.In the United States we have a right to equal treatment under the law; not in education, not in housing and not in healthcare. Equality under the law and equality of personhood create the very heartbeat of the Declaration of Independence.Entitlements of Person-hoodWhere did we go wrong? How has this error continued to grow, resulting in an entire garden of mythical rights? The problem centers on the issue of equal rights of personhood.All people have an equal right to relationship with God. He is not a respecter of persons; there is no hierarchy in His eyes. Every one of us has the same right to call Jesus ‘Lord’, and enter into the family as children with equal status in the Kingdom.The imbalance in the concept of equality in personhood has grown in direct correlation to the disappearance of the concept of relationship with the God of the Bible. The two legs upon which equality balanced were the law and relationship with God. When the leg representing our Creator was kicked away, issues of inequality started appearing in the headlines.An attempt to restore balance has been built upon the myth that the government can bestow equal rights of personhood. It cannot. The Declaration of Independence speaks clearly on this subject. Such rights are “endowed by our Creator.”Scriptural EqualityJesus gives perfect instruction on this very point in the fifth chapter of Matthew. All are equal under the law; an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He marries each example of what is provided for under Law, and with what a Christian is to do in addition to the Law.The law of our land cannot be specific to any one doctrine or denomination. The founders knew that the United States would never be a nation of homogenous Christians. The law must apply to all, as do the remedies or punishments it requires. Christians, however, have a greater responsibility when they deal with each other.Equality of personhood will remain an unfulfilled dream until we bust the myth of how these rights are bestowed. True and lasting balance cannot be restored until we return to the God of the Bible for support.